• CoinDesk is reportedly close to completing a $125M deal.
• Apple is developing its own AI chatbot as an internal tool.
• The UK Economic Secretary has rejected the recommendation of regulating cryptocurrency trading as gambling.

CoinDesk Deal

CoinDesk is reportedly in the final stages of completing a massive deal worth $125M. This comes after Caroline Ellison’s private writings from the months leading up to Alameda and FTX collapse were uncovered through legal discovery process.

Apple Developing Chatbot

Apple is developing its own AI chatbot as an internal tool, which will be used for various purposes. This follows the news that Societe Generale subsidiary received France’s first crypto services license.

Terraform Labs Appoints CEO

Terraform Labs recently appointed Chris Amani as their new CEO, replacing Do Kwon who departed from the role last month.

UK Economic Secretary Rejects Gambling Regulation

The UK Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andrew Griffith, has rejected the Parliament Treasury Select Committee’s recommendation to regulate cryptocurrency trading as gambling. Griffith argued that such an approach would not adequately address risks associated with crypto and would create misalignment with international standards and approaches from other major financial centers around the world.


It appears that there are many changes occurring within the cryptocurrency industry at present, including big deals being made and companies appointing new CEOs in order to take advantage of the potential benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies more generally. Additionally, while some governments may be debating whether or not to regulate cryptocurrency trading as gambling, others appear intent on creating frameworks that adhere to international standards in order to ensure safety for investors involved in this space