• Cathie Wood, founder and CEO of ARK Invest, remains bullish on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a recent talk.
• She believes BTC is a hedge against inflation and can play an important role in diversifying institutional portfolios.
• Wood also discussed the risks associated with investing in crypto, such as regulatory risks and potential for technological disruption.

Cathie Wood Remains Bullish on Bitcoin

Founder and CEO of investment management company ARK Invest, Cathie Wood recently talked about her bullishness on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Lyceum Miami with journalist and investor Anthony Pompliano. Despite some recent setbacks to the broader crypto macro, she remains confident that Bitcoin has the potential to play an important role in diversifying institutional portfolios.

Wood’s Investment Strategy

Wood provided insight into her investment strategy and outlook for the industry, emphasizing that centralized institutions like FTX, Celsius, Three AC, Voyager have gone bust despite being regulated. She believes that Coinbase is a security and has assets that could be part of a new asset class. Additionally, Wood spoke about the importance of doing thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency-related assets as there are several associated risks such as regulatory risks or technological disruption to existing industries.

Bitcoin as a Hedge Against Inflation

Wood emphasized how Bitcoin can act as a hedge against inflation due to its finite supply of 21 million coins which makes it scarce compared to fiat currencies that can be printed infinitely by central banks when needed. As such, it serves as an attractive store of value for investors looking to protect their wealth from inflationary pressure caused by traditional financial instruments like stocks or bonds.

Crypto Evolution Similar To Derivatives Market

Wood also drew comparisons between the evolution of both crypto markets and derivatives markets — both being relatively new financial instruments met with regulatory challenges — but highlighted how digital assets have managed to achieve greater success than their counterpart due to increased public awareness around them over time.


Overall, Cathie Wood remains optimistic about the future prospects of Bitcoin despite some current setbacks within the broader crypto market environment — believing it offers investors protection from inflationary pressures while also providing opportunities for portfolio diversification through digital asset exposure.