• Major tech companies use the Colossal Clean Crawled Corpus AI dataset to train their AI systems.
• The C4 dataset pulls data from various cryptocurrency websites, including BitcoinTalk and Steemit.
• The U.S. SEC website was one of the largest sources in the dataset, accounting for 0.02% of tokens; other crypto-related sites collectively accounted for at least 0.008%.

AI Dataset Used by Major Companies

The Colossal Clean Crawled Corpus (C4) is an AI dataset used by major tech companies such as Facebook and Google to train their AI systems. It contains data from a variety of cryptocurrency related websites, including BitcoinTalk and Steemit.

U.S SEC Among Largest Sources

According to an analysis done by the Washington Post and Allen Institute for AI, the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission was among the largest sources in the C4 dataset, accounting for 36 million tokens or 0.02% of it’s total amount of tokens. Other crypto-related sites such as Coinmarketcap and Cointelegraph collectively accounted for at least 0.008%.

Data Used For Training AI Systems

The data gathered from these cryptocurrency related websites is used to help train AI systems on topics related to blockchain technology and regulation within that industry space. This allows organizations like Facebook and Google to keep up with any developments made in this field so that they can better serve their users when it comes to providing them with relevant content on this topic area

Bitcointalk Ranked At #780

Bitcointalk, a discussion board created by Satoshi Nakamoto, ranked at #780 in terms of amount of tokens taken from each source site according to the analysis done by Washington Post & Allen Institute for AI study – 6 million tokens were taken or 0.004% of C4’s total number of tokens taken from all sources combined .

Benefits Of Tokenization & Smart Contracts

Fed Governor Lael Brainard recently highlighted potential benefits that tokenization & smart contracts offer within financial services industry which includes faster payments & improved security as well as lower costs associated with transactions involving digital assets . She also cautioned about potential risks associated with using this technology , such as fraud or increased operational complexity & risk management challenges .