• Binance listing pushed Floki and Pepe up more than 50%.
• WSB rallied over 200% after suspect offered refund option.
• Israel seized nearly 200 Binance accounts over terrorism links for two years.

Binance Listing Pushes Floki and Pepe Up

The listing of Floki and Pepe on the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance propelled their prices up by more than 50%. This surge in price came as a result of increased trading volume, which was largely driven by traders seeking to capitalize on the coin’s success.

WSB Rallies Over 200% After Refund Option Offered

A suspect who allegedly stole funds from Wall Street Bets (WSB) offered a refund option, causing the value of their memecoin to rally over 200%. The stolen funds were refunded to a multi-sig wallet controlled by WSBMod and two crypto influencers, ZachXBT and Loopify. However, certain allegations were made against WSBMod for secretly draining funds from the pool with huge airdrops and selling tokens himself.

Israel Seized Nearly 200 Binance Accounts

In addition, Israel authorities seized nearly 200 accounts belonging to users of the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance due to suspected links with terror activities spanning over two years. Voyager also announced its intentions to start returning customer funds soon.

Coinbase Reports 22% Revenue Growth

On the other hand, Coinbase reported 22% revenue growth but recorded a net loss of $79M for Q1 2021 due to lower volatility in Q2 2021. This indicates that cryptocurrencies are becoming more stable assets compared to what they used to be in past quarters.


In conclusion, this news shows that cryptocurrencies remain an attractive asset class despite some uncertainties that come along with them. Although there are many risks associated with investing in crypto assets, investors should always weigh both sides before making any decisions on whether or not they should invest in digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.